Tuesday, January 8, 2013


So now I have 3 projects going.  1) Fix the o-scope, 2) Fix the Yaesu, and 3) Finish putting down my hardwood floor.   

I have to finish the floor first because we've temporarily moved all the furniture around to clear the room to put down the floor.  I have to use my table saw a lot when laying the floor, because I have to fit the pieces that lay next to the walls. Two weekends ago when I started, my table saw malfunctioned and the power on switch wouldn't turn off.  The contacts in the switch burned and fuzed together.  

All weekend I turned the saw on and off by plugging and unplugging the power cord.  Not very safe!  I tried to order a replacement switch, but Harbor Freight says that manufacturer doesn't make them any more, even though those turkeys are still selling the exact same model of saw on their site right now.  I found some promising safety switches from Grizzley and I'll probably order one of those.  However, when I got home today, I decided to disassemble the switch and clean the contacts. This turned out to be fairly easy to do, though I had a little trouble getting the switch to snap back together again.  Now the saw works...  

So tomorrow, I'll start work finishing the floor...

I found more capacitors that I can use to fix the o-scope, so I'm gathering those up to finish the o-scope repair after finishing the floor.

Then, on to repairing the Yaesu....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My tube rigs

I found a couple of color photos of my old antique replicas.  Below is the 6L6 transmitter, which had a power output of about 12 watts. I made my own plugable coil form out of a tube socket and PVC pipe.  It would run on 40 meters and 80 meters, with a change of coils.

Below is the regenerative receiver.  I sent my QSL card to a ham who did a magazine article about old rigs.  He sent me the old style vernier dial.  So this photo shows the rig as more realistic than the rig as shown on my QSL card, since the modern vernier dial is replaced by an antique vernier dial.  Using the plugable coil, the rig would work on 80, 40 and 20 meters.   I need to find the original magazine article I used for these rigs.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

20 m QRP rig using me602

Here is a link to this project that I have been intending to build.  Its quite a lot and I had decided to start out with simpler stuff.  So I intend to build Steve's little receiver first.