Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here is the oscillator that I'm building.  Played around with the design to get the best performance I could out of it.  I will make an enclosure and dial and calibrate it for frequency selection.
This is the bread board from the schematic on the notebook page.

Here is the first proto on a perf board.

After testing the board I've found there is some distortion in the signal.  The components were tested and checked out alright so I'm suspecting a cold solder.  I couldn't get the board that went with the proto board and will have to order some off the internet.  Radio shack should have them .....but they don't have them in the store like they say they are. :(  I going to order the peripheral components along with a project box.  I may use a plastic AC outlet box if I have one.

15 Mar 13:  Well, I put the CPO in it's little box and decided to fire it up and it did just fine after I cleaned and re-soldered all the joints and modified the way I wired the components.  I drilled holes large enough to accept the wire and threaded the wire in such a way as to provide some strain relief.  I also made a circuit board holder from a drill press vise in order to free up both hands to apply the solder properly.

I dug out an old 9V wall transformer and hooked it up but nothing happened.  After checking the voltage I found that it was either the wrong polarity or AC voltage was getting thru.  I said Kaddish over the NE555 that was electrocuted and replaced it with another.  Next thing to do is install a diode to prevent that from happening again.  I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place.  The proto had one.

More to come

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