Friday, March 15, 2013

Sad news for KF5RCH Josh Wells

Last night Josh Wells, KF5RCH, lost his amateur radio shack due to a fire.   The fire started in the garage and eventually reached his bedroom destroying everything.  All this after the 12 year old passed his extra exam last Sat here in Tulsa.  His Yaesu FT 101 had broken down and is in Dallas in hopes that it can be repaired.  That is all that is left of his shack.  Sadly his beloved dog was killed as well.  He called me last night crying frantically and appologizing about the Rockmite 40 I had loaned him.......not to worry Josh.

Josh had saved up all summer from money he earned by mowing lawns and doing odd jobs around his neighborhood to puchase his gear which included a 2m Kenwood, tuner, code practice oscillator and bencher keyer along with the FT 101 HF rig.  Also lost in the fire was his Ipad and his small QSL card collection.

This is a plea for HELP to his fellow hams.  If you can find it in your heart to help him rebuild his shack please let me know.   If anyone has an idea of how we can set up a fund for him it would be most appreciated.

Very Sincerly,
Michael Morris

Well, Josh is now back up on the air with a KNWD FT-440 making all kinds of CX contact.  He calls me each day for an update on his DXing progress. :)  He's been doing CW as well which is something I'm very proud of.  Many thanks to the hams that helped him out in his time of need.

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